Genealogy of the Whittlesey-Whittelsey family based upon the 1855 Memorials of the Whittlesey Family, the 1898, 1941 and 1992 Whittelsey/Whittlesey Genealogies along with input from family members. In addition there is information on the Descendants of Seth Savage of Berlin, Connecticut
Additional family lineage of Willis Savage Whittlesey III can be found at cravendescendants.org; brownedescendants.org and frisbiedescendants.org
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New York, United States


Latitude: 40.7143528, Longitude: -74.0059722


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARTOW, Hannah  Abt 1747New York, United States I5297
2 BICKMORE, Albert Smith Jr.  12 Jan 1875New York, United States I29446
3 BLAKEMAN, William N .  28 Apr 1805New York, United States I5503
4 BLISS, Mary Eliza  22 Oct 1838New York, United States I7157
5 BRUCE, James Manning  1845New York, United States I3437
6 BRUCE, Richard D. A.  22 Jul 1916New York, United States I29436
7 CHANDLER, Mary  4 Nov 1784New York, United States I1159
8 COGSWELL, John  1 Dec 1783New York, United States I1121
9 COLE, Harriet Asenath  17 Mar 1834New York, United States I8481
10 COOK, Ella Aikman  3 Oct 1864New York, United States I6769
11 COOK, Hannah Amelia  12 Oct 1848New York, United States I6772
12 COOK, John Summerfield  31 Aug 1861New York, United States I6773
13 COOK, Mary Amelia  7 Apr 1858New York, United States I6768
14 COOK, Mary Field  8 Jan 1853New York, United States I6774
15 COOK, Millard Fillmore  20 Jan 1855New York, United States I6771
16 COOK, Robert Morris  13 Nov 1872New York, United States I6764
17 COOK, Samuel Nelson  20 Jan 1877New York, United States I6761
18 COOK, William Augustus  17 Jan 1847New York, United States I6770
19 COOPER, William C  1820New York, United States I6731
20 CROGHAN, Lucy Serena  Abt 1851New York, United States I3575
21 CURTI, Elisabeth Thomas   I871
22 DAVIS, Milton  14 Sep 1820New York, United States I2096
23 GILLESPIE, Milton  1814New York, United States I6533
24 GILLMORE, Nancy   I2355
25 GUNN, Amanda Louise  21 Apr 1845New York, United States I1905
26 GUNN, Ella Theresa  8 Mar 1841New York, United States I1903
27 GUNN, Reeve Chipman  5 Aug 1842New York, United States I1904
28 HARVEY, Eugenio Kincaid  1 Mar 1848New York, United States I29548
29 HARVEY, Franklin Buell  28 Nov 1843New York, United States I29546
30 HENDERSON, Alexander  Abt 1820New York, United States I8019
31 LESLEY, Caroline  3 Oct 1862New York, United States I2392
32 MANN, Walter Scott  29 Jun 1936New York, United States I6003
33 MARSH, Orlando  18 Jun 1828New York, United States I30157
34 MARSH, Urania Hannah  19 Aug 1830New York, United States I30158
35 MORGAN, James Sherman  1844New York, United States I18809
36 RANDALL, William  14 Jan 1808New York, United States I5558
37 SMITH, Sarah Jane  2 Apr 1821New York, United States I6767
38 STROOP, John  6 May 1903New York, United States I2906
39 TAYLOR, Lavinia  14 Mar 1781New York, United States I6708
40 TILDEN, Henry A .  Abt 1829New York, United States I4580

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 COOK, Mary Whittelsey  2 Nov 1823New York, United States I6758
2 WHITTLESEY, Nancy  New York, United States I2075


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Thomas  New York, United States I5298
2 AVERILL, Elisha  7 Jun 1824New York, United States I1137
3 AVERILL, Heman  30 Dec 1834New York, United States I1131
4 BILLINGS, Katharine H.  7 Apr 1992New York, United States I8488
5 CHANDLER, Mary  8 Jul 1804New York, United States I1159
6 CHANDLER, William  1830New York, United States I1158
7 COGSWELL, Emerson  7 Feb 1829New York, United States I1120
8 FITZ-RANDOLPH, Isabella  9 Feb 1898New York, United States I29396
9 HARNED, Herbert Whittlesey  9 Mar 1913New York, United States I2129
10 MARSHALL, John Sinclair  22 Jul 1865New York, United States I5976
11 MERRILL, Reuben  Apr 1805New York, United States I5563
12 PERRY, Salona  30 Sep 1846New York, United States I4902
13 RICHMOND, Isaac  23 Jun 1847New York, United States I4903
14 SMITH, Isaac Swift  19 Jan 1886New York, United States I944
15 SPENCER, Sylvester  29 Jan 1846New York, United States I1754
16 STEVENS, Henry  7 Jul 1838New York, United States I5427
17 TUCKER, William L.  19 May 1887New York, United States I8463
18 WHITTELSEY, Henry  26 Apr 1879New York, United States I1172
19 WHITTELSEY, Samuel  15 Apr 1842New York, United States I1165
20 WHITTLESEY, A daughter  13 Feb 1812New York, United States I1895
21 WHITTLESEY, Arphaxad  18 Mar 1810New York, United States I1893
22 WHITTLESEY, Arphaxad Emmons  18 Jul 1815New York, United States I1896
23 WHITTLESEY, Asaph Marshall  10 Feb 1826New York, United States I29554
24 WHITTLESEY, Hubbard Newton  18 Jul 1845New York, United States I1897
25 WHITTLESEY, Lydia  6 Mar 1811New York, United States I1894
26 WHITTLESEY, Welthea Chapman  2 Sep 1877New York, United States I1892
27 WHITTLESEY, JR., Granville  6 Jun 1976New York, United States I2162


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRUCE, James Manning  1845New York, United States I3437
2 CROGHAN, Lucy Serena  Abt 1851New York, United States I3575
3 DICKINSON, Spencer Edward  9 Feb 1883New York, United States I8409
4 LESLEY, Caroline  3 Oct 1862New York, United States I2392
5 WHITTLESEY, A daughter  5 May 1814New York, United States I1895
6 WHITTLESEY, Leonard Austin Sr.  New York, United States I1307


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 JONES, Bassett Craven  25 May 1926New York, United States I2811
2 JONES, Bassett Craven  25 May 1926New York, United States I2811
3 WHITTLESEY, A daughter  1 Jun 1814New York, United States I1895


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAYLISS , / WHITTELSEY  Abt 1885New York, United States F2277
2 BLANCHARD / GILBERT  23 Apr 1808New York, United States F1970
3 BRUCE / PARROTT  23 Apr 1907New York, United States F10221
4 COOKE / WHITTELSEY  27 Apr 1848New York, United States F2299
5 ELLIS / SEYMORE  Abt 1802New York, United States F1917
6 GUNN / WHITTLESEY  5 May 1831New York, United States F649
8 RANDALL / BLANCHARD  6 Aug 1829New York, United States F1934
9 SAMPSON / WHITTLESEY  31 May 1848New York, United States F689
10 WHITTELSEY / DUERSEN  10 Dec 1788New York, United States F463
11 WHITTLESEY / DUDLEY  17 Sep 1844New York, United States F10279
12 WHITTLESEY / ELLIS  2 Apr 1825New York, United States F726


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 RANDALL / BLANCHARD  6 Aug 1829New York, United States F1934