Genealogy of the Whittlesey-Whittelsey family based upon the 1855 Memorials of the Whittlesey Family, the 1898, 1941 and 1992 Whittelsey/Whittlesey Genealogies along with input from family members. In addition there is information on the Descendants of Seth Savage of Berlin, Connecticut
Additional family lineage of Willis Savage Whittlesey III can be found at cravendescendants.org; brownedescendants.org and frisbiedescendants.org
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Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States


Latitude: 42.3313900, Longitude: -83.0458300


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BALDWIN, Joanna Booth  Abt 1820Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States I6777
2 CURTIS, Melva Bernice  2 Aug 1913Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States I28864
3 DECLERCQ, Jeanette Marguerite   I280
4 ENGLISH, John Lyle Rev.   I279
5 ESSELSTYN, Henry Whittlesey  26 Aug 1869Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States I30359
6 GRIGG, Christine Grace   I112
7 GRIGG, Suzanne Elizabeth   I329
8 HARGREAVES, Ellen Ruth  24 Dec 1881Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States I28833
9 HUMPHREY, Donald Ray  4 Jun 1929Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States I242
10 HUMPHREY, Donna Lee   I308
11 HUMPHREY, Dorothy May  31 Aug 1926Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States I81
12 HUMPHREY, Kenneth George  18 Jun 1930Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States I248
13 HUMPHREY, William Ray   I244
14 JOYCE, James Michael  28 Feb 1920Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States I28882
15 MERRICK, Maria Fowler  16 Apr 1874Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States I30352
16 MERRICK, Mary Whittlesey  6 Aug 1875Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States I30353
17 METZEN, Mary Ann   I821
18 MOSTELLER, David Wayne   I334
19 MOSTELLER, Debra Sue   I173
20 MOSTELLER, Donna Jean   I122
21 MOSTELLER, Janet Lee   I328
22 MOSTELLER, John Charles   I259
23 MOSTELLER, Karen Ann   I153
24 MOSTELLER, Mark Richard   I336
25 MOSTELLER, Richard George   I255
26 MOSTELLER, Robert Edward   I102
27 MOSTELLER, Ronda Kay   I331
28 MOSTELLER, Susan Lyn   I332
29 SCHMIDT, Gloria Ann   I733
30 TUCKER, Clara Lucina  24 Aug 1876Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States I8464
31 WATERMAN, Edgar Moore  5 May 1886Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States I7339
32 WHITTLESEY, Cynthia Ann   I994
33 WHITTLESEY, David Robert   I28861
34 WHITTLESEY, David Wesley   I28880
35 WHITTLESEY, Elizabeth   I964
36 WHITTLESEY, Frederick Driggs  22 Feb 1909Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States I6450
37 WHITTLESEY, George Hargreaves  23 May 1911Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States I28838
38 WHITTLESEY, John Jacob  23 Jun 1878Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States I28832
39 WHITTLESEY, John Martine  5 Dec 1914Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States I28840
40 WHITTLESEY, John Martine   I28875

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ENGLISH, Grace Hester  13 Feb 1969Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States I379
2 ESSELSTYN, Willard A.  31 Dec 1869Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States I30346
3 HUMPHREY, Silas Ray  16 Apr 1955Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States I378
4 STRIEBIG, Grace Delilah  3 Jul 1951Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States I5105
5 TILLMAN, James William  7 Mar 1867Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States I9066
6 WHITTELSEY, Edith Abby  13 Jan 1924Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States I1513
7 WHITTLESEY, Henry Tucker  27 May 1927Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States I993


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COOK / BALDWIN  21 Dec 1848Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States F2316
3 JOYCE / WHITTLESEY  19 Jun 1948Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States F10025
4 MERRICK / WHITTLESEY  12 Jun 1872Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States F10493
7 WHITTLESEY / CURTIS  9 Apr 1937Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States F10019
8 WHITTLESEY / HARGREAVES  25 Apr 1908Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States F10006
10 WHITTLESEY / PETTEE  10 Dec 1934Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States F10015