Genealogy of the Whittlesey-Whittelsey family based upon the 1855 Memorials of the Whittlesey Family, the 1898, 1941 and 1992 Whittelsey/Whittlesey Genealogies along with input from family members.
In addition there is information on the Descendants of Seth Savage of Berlin, Connecticut.
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The pictures below have been taken at various times whenever I have visited Old Saybrook, Connecticut and the Cypress Cemetery over the past 30 years. One picture shows how the monument may have appeared when dedicated around 1848. The balance of the pictures show that many of the vertical spires are missing, that the end posts are not satisfactory and that the horizontal bars need replacement and repair.

The Cypress Cemetery Board of Directors has approved these repairs

We are fortunate that there is an ornamental iron worker living in Old Saybrook. He submitted a quotation to me in the summer of 2010 after Daniel Graham Clark of Muscatine, Iowa (my third cousin who has two Whittlesey bloodlines to my one!) and I met with him at the monument. I have attached a scanned image copy of the original quotation to show what is needed.


Unfortunately, I was delayed a bit that fall with a few months involved with chemotherapy and didn't commit to the repairs then. Since that time there has been a minimal 10% increase. I have mailed the 33% initial payment for the repairs to a contractor and the project is underway.

Although I have personally committed to this project, I feel it is very important to seek family participation in the way of donations or the purchase of the remaining genealogies, $25.00 of which will go into this fund. I would appreciate this participation and would urge you to do so in the name of an ancestor, either close or in distant generations as an honor to them. At the completion of the repairs, a suitable plaque will be provided acknowledging participation.

The account for this fund is at the Wells Fargo Bank 665-22 Boston Post Road, Old Saybrook, CT 06475 in Old Saybrook and should contain the WHITTELSEY-WHITTLESEY FAMILY ASSOCIATION FUND as the account to which the funds will be deposited.

At the conclusion of the repairs I would propose a suitable plaque listing the names of donors and some ancestor they may wish to honor. Obviously donations will be useful and acknowledged and purchase of the 1992 genealogy is not a requirement.

Perhaps this project will provide the impetus to have a family association and help members to plan localized reunions from time to time. I would hope that we can move in that direction and will welcome any suggestions, which will be duly shared through the website and the Facebook Whittlesey Group.

Please publicize these efforts and communicate with me at wswhittlesey@gmail.com, which is specifically for family correspondence.

Old Saybrook Monument when newOld Saybrook Monument when new 1848

Whittlesey Monument July 2010Whittlesey Monument July 2010

John Whittlesey GravestoneJohn Whittlesey Gravestone

Otis and Willis showing missing spiresOtis and Willis showing missing spires

Top of corner postsTop of corner posts

Sproul truck signSproul truck sign

Whittlesey Monument July 2010 closeupWhittlesey Monument July 2010 closeup

Whittlesey Monument Restoration Completed
Whittlesey Monument Restoration Completed